info on all the characters!!!!!!

(recurring characters at least)

[they/she] the main character of this fine comic. she is a nonbinary fellow and she is also nihilistic and hedonistic. she only cares about his friends. due to excessive paste consuption her tongue turned white.

[he/him] fweeby's closest friend and arguably the most normal of the bunch. he is a voice of reason but fweeby's too much of a dumbass to listen to him. usually just goes along with fweeby.

[she/her] a cool and casual trans girl who is fine with fweeby's actions. she is laid back and cool and closer to than the others.

[he/him] introverted cute little trans cloud who has a short temper. he is very protective of his friends and loves them very much but prefers to keep to himself most of the time. he is usually seen reading on his tablet